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The goal of the game is simple. You will have to combine small...

The goal of the game is simple. You will have to combine small puzzle pieces into a large colorful picture. The game features over 100 pictures of different genres.

Beautiful sceneries, wild animals, city streets and many other views - you will find all of this in Lovely Puzzles. You can also choose the necessary difficulty level matching your mood.

Got a short break at work? Assemble a small 50-piece puzzle. Want to spend a couple of hours in a comfortable armchair? Go for a 150-piece puzzle!

Having a good time in a large company of friends or relatives? Try to assemble the largest, 260-piece puzzle together! This exciting game will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

A simple puzzle helps you improve attention, logic, memory and imagination. The game also has a piece rotation mode. The puzzle will instantly become harder to assemble, but it will be a much more serious challenge, as all puzzle elements will be rotated and jumbled up.

Lovely Puzzles is a great opportunity to get some rest from daily chores and listen to nice music. The game will be just what the doctor ordered for all fans of classic puzzle games.

Over 254 built-in levels and many more available for download. 3 difficulty levels. Simple and intuitive controls. Various piece shapes. Classic rotation of puzzle pieces.

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Lovely Puzzle


Lovely Puzzle 1

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